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    Blazers for Summer

    As I once explained via instagram, you can take me out of the 90’s, but you can’t take the 90’s out of me. One of the best staples of the 90’s was blazers, classy blazers. Here’s my favorite way to style blazers for Summer. You can find this specific tie sleeve blazer from Charlotte London here. It’s structured shoulders give it class and style, while the ties add a bit of playfulness. Shop the shorts here. Also: Purse Shoes Ribbed Tube Top  

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    Lyon + Post

    What’s Lyon+Post? Lyon+Post makes amazing shopping possible for boss babes and busy mamas like me. You go online, add some things to your cart, they mail those items to you in a jiffy with a return bag. You try on, you likey? you no likey? You pay for what you keep. Boom. Goodbye fitting rooms, goodbye rushed purchases. Goodbye not being able to tell if you like that dress because you don’t have the right pair of shoes or bra with you. Goodbye rushed returns or finding out there’s only exchanges, no returns (the worst, it’s happened to the best of us.) 

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    Nikki Poulos is a well known designer that won me over with this comfortable jumper. I am constantly trying to find the perfect balance between being stylish and comfortable because I’m chasing a 2 yr old and 3 yr old around all day.  This jumper accomplishes my goal. It’s super comfortable and fluid, yet it gathers compliments everywhere I go.