Les White Dresses

My love for white dresses, as expected, is soaring sky high as summer swoops in. Here’s a couple looks I wore recently, and a few other suggestions. If you’re looking to glow as you enter a room start with a genuine smile and add a white frock.



Cocktail Attire

I’m grateful to live in a period where cocktail attire doesn’t just mean the lbd anymore. I’m not hating on the lbd, but it’s so nice that we have more options than ever to exude our personalities during an event that calls for “cocktail attire.”

Rachel Allan

There are small details that set apart a quality dress from the rest. These details are what make the dress present well on a woman’s body. For example, Rachel Allan’s dresses are never see-through. Both of the dresses I had the pleasure to wear were so nicely lined with beautiful materials, I never once felt like I was sharing too much information. Not to mention, the way the materials hugged my curves perfectly, I always felt very secure. If you ask me, that’s a priceless attribute of a dress when the goal is to feel beautiful. Beauty comes mostly when a women is comfortable and feels great in what she is wearing.

90’s Style Kinda Rocks

There is a love-hate element that comes with 90’s fashion based on when that decade dawned on your life, either way it’s back in full swing.  Personally, 90’s style is a bit rough for me, just like Jr. High and High School were.   I probably wouldn’t wear all of these at once, but balancing out a few with basics = successful styling.

JCrew Pleated Flare Dress.

LOVE this dress! It’s so flattering and a perfect basic, annnnd it’s on sale $30 in stores right now (off of $128) get it! I purchased it in 2 colors today!

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