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    Have you ever wondered about getting lip injections? I have. I like my lips, but they aren’t exactly voluminous. I wouldn’t mind a little plumping action, but tend to shy away from actually getting injected in my lips because, well, it does not sound pleasant. I’ve tried lip plumping glosses and find they don’t really work and it’s not worth the sting that ruins the yummy wine I may have on a date night. I recently heard about the KISS by PMD and decided to give it a whirl because I couldn’t resist finding out if it works! I was so excited to try it and report back to y’all! About…

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    Clarins Lip Oils

    I’m not blessed with lush lips. Don’t get me wrong, my lips are good, they work, but I think both of my lips barely equal the volume of Kylie Kardashian’s upper lip. There are so many cool techniques out there to make your lips bigger. I’ve considered a few, but then the thought of sucking my lips off my face until they’re swollen scares me. What scares me more is what my lips will look like after doing that to my face for a few years, like… won’t they start to sag?? Just saying, we should all be little nicer to our faces, which brings me to Carins Lip Oils.…

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    Clarins 3 Dot Liner

    Clarins has been hard at work trying to make the perfect eyeliner. I think they succeeded. What would be your dream wishlist for an eyeliner? What are all the things you would want your liner to do: go on straight, fill between and against the lashes, make your lashes look longer, not be messy… ahhh, well they did it all with the Clarins 3 Dot Liner! The Clarins 3 Dot liner has three amazing little points at the end, which you dab along your lash line. It fills between your lashes to give them the look of volume and length. There’s no brushes or awkward applications. I am TERRIBLE at liquid liner!…

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    [h5]When Bloggers Lose Sleep[/h5] Last week I had trouble sleeping. Too much on my mind, maybe a full moon, and two kids with nightmare and blanket struggles = one tired mama blogger. Well, this past week, luckily, I also was testing Clarins Multi Active Eye, which is meant to make you look radiant around your eyes even after sleep deprivation. Today I had a magazine shoot, and NOBODY wants to be blown up in a printed magazine after not sleeping for a week. Let’s just say the lack of sleep had me worried. Sleeping is one of the most important things in your life, sleeping well can improve your life and health, one…

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    I shy away from using lots of products in my beauty routine, mainly because I don’t have the time or mental space to be applying a million different things every day.  Lately, I’ve been feeling quite pale and due to my adversion to product mayhem I didn’t want to introduce a tanner into my routine.