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    Lulus Festival Season

    This post was sponsored by Lulus // All opinions are my own.   ‘Tis the season of festivals. There’s something in the air that makes me want to hightail it out of town and dance my heart out to live music, maybe it’s the spring weather, but this year it’s not just about the physical destination as much as my mental destination. What? I sound crazy? We’re all crazy. Maybe Lulus festival season isn’t just about the big concerts and bucket list experiences, maybe it’s about a little spring cleaning of the soul and letting your true self shine outward. Thanks to Lulus.com I explored just that and brought to…

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    Judith Poe

    If you’re like me your jewelry box/drawer is overflowing. Yesterday, I decided to seriously organize the pieces I love to wear so they are easy to find and grab! One piece that’s at the front of my mind, and jewelry box now, that I’ve been wearing with everything is a beautiful dainty gold Harlow necklace by Judith Poe. I wear it with silver, with gold, with high necks, with low necks, layered, and by itself.

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    Charming Charlie

    I’m sure you all have heard about Charming Charlie the accessories store. We have one right down the street from us, and I always run in there for finishing outfit touches. Lately, I’ve noticed a lot of great pieces that are right on trend. For example, layering necklaces. I can’t have enough dainty necklaces of all different lengths; organizing them so they aren’t a gigantic knot is going to have to be another blog post (possibly guest written by the lovely Mika Perry from Neat Method.)

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    The Punjab Armor Cuff

    Stick+Stone Style is a very unique brand that carries beautiful pieces designed by the lovely Lindsay. She is a very kind person, and even more so, her eye for beauty is admirable. The Punjab Armor Cuff modeled in this video is a statement piece like none other. It demands respect, and communicates strength, yet is so feminine in the most luxurious way. It is THE piece that will grab everyone’s eyes.

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    Life Is My Runway

    Recouping from a serious surgery can be mind blowingly hard. As a mom, I’m used to being #boss around our house and the past couple of weeks I’ve felt so useless. Just getting in my car today and taking a drive made me realize how temporary everything is. Soon I will be recovered 100% from my mommy makeover surgery and surgery will be a blip in my memory. Isn’t this one of the most bitter sweet aspects of life? Nothing is permanent.