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      I started this blog post with the intent to solely share about my experience with TruFusion in Las Vegas recently, but feel that I need to take this opportunity to share a little more about myself. We live in a society that is super confused about health. Who is healthy.. what is healthy.. what are you doing to be healthy… what does healthy look like??? and on, and on, and on. I personally think it’s become an obsession, not in a healthy way. It’s easy to judge others based on how they look. I’m extremely sensitive to judgments based on looks because I’m a walking example of how judging…

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    Velvet Dresses

    It’s officially that time of year where we all start swooning over soft fabrics and rich colors. Colors that remind us of apple picking and holiday cheer. I’m feeling so excited for my favorite season and am kicking off the fall with a few beautiful velvet dresses from Hale Bob. These velvet dresses are delicious. The details and textures make me feel like a queen…

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    New York

    New York, aka the concrete jungle, is filled with personalities. Personalities in people, places, fashion, and food. There’s so much to take in and explore. That’s why I’m starting with this post about my trip here. I’m starting with places Marissa Rahm and I explored in the magical Big Apple. We ate and walked our hearts out. This is mostly a post comprised of my Embroidered Vici dress, and snapshots from our adventures. Essentially, I’m sharing with you my personal behind the scenes travel shots.

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    Hale Bob

    This post is sponsored by Hale Bob in partnership with Shoppinglinks/ All opinions are my own./Photography: Riss Rahm There’s something that has been weighing on me lately – how we all progress in life and our innate desire to do, be, and have more clouds our vision of what is. I feel like life is a balance beam, on one side are goals we create, and on the other side are goals we have accomplished. Due to the crazy amount of social media that flows into our lives we have a tendency to see the goals we would like to accomplish more than what it took to get there. Our…