Mother Daughter

I’m not one for matchy matchy mother daughter looks, but I do love when there’s a good color scheme going. I especially love when it happens without effort. Getting my entire family out the door fully dressed has become an olympic sport. Being dressed AND shoot ready with kids literally takes the powers of Cindarella’s fairy godmother. That further explains my barely done hair in these pics, but at least we were dressed and at least we hadĀ FUN. So, who cares about my hair?!

Here’s some not-so-matchy-matchy, but well-coordinated and fun looks for Zara and I. All shopable from the links below šŸ˜‰

Photography by Riss Rahm Photography

New Year Inspo

With the beginning of 2017 ringing in, I saw so many resolutions fill my social media to the point of near explosion. I fear when I promise too much for a new year, I set myself up for failure, so here’s how I’mĀ getting inspired. Here’s my “New Year Inspo”

Eva Mendes Collection

Eva Mendes’s most recent collection for NY & Company is all that you would expect from a classy beauty such as herself.

As you probably have noticed red is on the rise and Mendes entwined beautiful bright reds into many of the pieces. Her taste much resembles Jackie O’s, and we all know Jackie O was timeless in her wardrobe. Jackie O is goals, and so is Eva’s entire holiday line. Boucle, lace, cable knits, and tweeds all in reds, blacks, and white… What’s not to love?

Holiday Gifting

Holiday Gifting can be somewhat overwhelming. How much do you really want to spend, what does each person like, will it fit in a suitcase, should I order it online or buy in store, is there gift wrapping… there’s so many questions that run through my head when I’m picking out gifts for the lovely babes in my life.

Thanksgiving Tablescape

I can spend hours on end tablescaping. What’s tablescaping? It’s creating a setting place at the table that is unique to your tastes or a theme. I had the opportunity to create a ThanksgivingĀ tablescape using Marks & Spencer Ā Home. In the past, there have been so many etiquette rules about which plates/silverware/glasses etc need to be set. I say, let’s have fun breaking those rules.

I wanted to set a table employing all of the favorite elements and tricks. Below I show the end result and each element. —>>>

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