For The Randoms

By: Lianne Ronzio (Gift Expert) — Everyone has those random people in your life that you don’t know very well or just don’t know what to get when the holidays roll around.  

For me, that’s my older nieces and nephews, sister in laws, and co-workers.  First and foremost, I try to do something personalized if possible.  I look back on the year to see if any big milestones or events happened or if any are coming up, and try to get a gift based on that. Etsy and Mark & Graham are really helpful for finding something cute that fits everyone’s style.  I personally like getting an ornament, along with a little something else, because it shows you put some thought into it!  I am a firm believer that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to send a gift that is (or seems to be) thoughtful.  Thoughtful gifts are often the most remembered!

New house: This is also a great gift for newly engaged couple. I gave this to my sister-in-law last Christmas soon after they got engaged because I knew they would have lots of mail going out.  She loved that she could pick her own style, and says it’s one of the best gifts she’s received!  If they move again, all she has to do is replace the rubber stamp!  I would put this with some cute stationery/thank you cards with their new initial on it.

Custom Stamp Gift Box ($39.95)

New baby/pregnancy: My favorite piece of jewelry for the last three years is my “T” necklace:   

Kate Spade Initial Pendant ($58)


The Magic Of Motherhood: The Good Stuff, The Hard Stuff, and Everything In Between ($11.79)


Baby Announcement Ornament (for the expecting parents) ($10)

New dog: We got this a few years ago for my brother in law’s new dog, personalized it with his name, and put dog treats/toys in it; because everyone knows dogs are part of the family too!

Doggie Gift Bucket ($10)

Personalized Doggie Ornament ($15)

Newly marriedWhen we first got engaged/married, I loved getting things with my new initial/last name on it:

Monogramed Acrylic Tray ($59-69)


Mr. & Mrs. Ornament ($17.95)


Date Night In: More Than 120 Recipes To Nourish Your Relationship ($27.50)

New driver/New Car (or just for fun): When I got my license, my aunt got me a leather keychain with my initial that I still have today.  My niece just got her license, so we are following that same tradition:

Personalized Key Chain ($8.55)


Personalized Multi-Function Tassel Keychain (free monogramming) ($59)


For the traveler, or someone you know is planning a big tripI love bringing these on trips with the few important cards I’ll need rather than my whole wallet:

Cuyana Card Holder ($75)


Passport Holder ($26.95)


Carry-On Champagne Kit ($24.95)



My go-to idea’s if I really can’t think of anything else:

  • “Gift Wrap Kit”– 2 or three rolls of pretty wrapping paper (Home Goods has THE BEST or you can buy sets of 3 here), with some matching bows, and matching washi-tape, wrapped together with some pretty ribbon.

  • “Spa day kit”– comfy socks, a nice smelling candle, bubble bath or bath bomb, face mask, nail polish/nail files, magazine, and if wanting to spend more a pretty robe.

Pretty Floral Robe ( $58)

Year Of The Cozy ($24.99)


  • Fun books they would never purcahse for themselves:

Little Book of Life Hacks ($19.99)


The 52 Lists Project ($16.95)


  • And if all else fails, alcohol.  Reach out to a friend of theirs to find out their drink of choice, but rather than just throw it in a wine bag, add a really nice ribbon and an ornament with the first letter of their name, or pick up a cute/cheap one from Target, or a festive drink opener:

Noel Ornament ($4.00)

Jingle Bell Bottle Opener ($12.50)

(If they aren’t big drinkers, everyone loves a good smelling candle!  It’s all in the presentation/wrapping!)


Edit: Maybe we need Lianne to come back and do a post about gift wrapping!! 🙂