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    I was recently introduced to a really amazing process that is supposed to be wonderful for your skin. A week ago I went to Rachel at Desert Sky Dermatology. My face has been driving me crazy between reoccurring breakouts and unpredictable behavior. For the longest time it’s been fairly easy to maintain skin, so this was all new and frustrating to me.

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    Guest Post by Luxury Organizer Mika Perry of NEAT Method

    A Peek Into Luxury Closets      As a professional organizer specializing in luxury homes, I often have the privilege of my “office” for the day being the inside of a gorgeous closet. It doesn’t matter if your style is vintage bargain hunter or Barneys-devottee, we believe your closet should be a place for inspiration and a sanctuary for your wardrobe – and that is what we create for our clients. Just because you have a custom closet doesn’t mean your clothing will naturally organize themselves. And likewise, even if you have a tiny, awkwardly-shaped reach-in closet doesn’t mean it cannot be totally fabulous and Instagram-worthy!

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    Happy 1st Anniversary

    It was about 1 year ago today that I was bobbing around in my LBB (little black bikini) drinking something spiked and delicious while cooling off in The Westin Keirland pool. About 2 drinks deep I looked at my beautiful besties and said,  “I’m feeling a little bit crazy, and I want to start a fashion blog. Do you guys think I’m crazy? Is this a stupid idea?” They were all about it, mainly because we are a group of enablers and truly believe in each other. So the idea of We The Classy was born. This is what I learned going from 0 – 10,000 followers in 1 year: