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    Lou Malnatis

    My favorite food is pizza, hands down, every time, it’s always pizza. I am a self proclaimed pizza connoisseur. I was born and raised in the North suburbs of Chicago, Northbrook to be exact. Almost every week we had my FAVORITE pizza of all time, Lou Malnati’s. I always looked forward to pizza night, and my mom is a pretty amazing cook, so it’s not like I was deprived.

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    Mother’s Day

    Motherhood is one of those things that you cannot prepare for. It’s hard beyond anything I’ve ever experienced, messy, and sometimes very thankless. As a mom I deal with an ongoing amount of guilt that I’m not doing things right, or not doing enough. I worry, every second of my day.. are they hungry, are they cold, did they watch too much tv, did I give them enough vegetables, was I too hard on them, was I too easy on them, are they safe, are their hearts full? Recently Shane Co. invited me to be  apart of their Mother’s Day campaign along side of two other AMAZING Mamas: @Avestyles, and…

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    I stick to a fairly simple skin regimen while trying to balance out the dry Arizona air on my oily skin, but it’s not easy. I recently had the absolute pleasure of using Orogold. It’s an insanely luxurious line that my skin danced with. Yes, it felt like my skin danced from pure joy. Orogold’s line is made from the most pure ingredients, but most importantly GOLD! You guessed it, that’s where it gets it’s name.

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    I tend to talk a lot about supporting other girls, being kind, and lifting others up. I think it’s a common trend amongst much of the blogger community to “be kind” to each other, or at least there’s a lot of talk about it. We all preach these great things with wonderful intentions and pure hearts, but what are we doing about it? What have you done today that practiced what you preach?