Judith Poe

If you’re like me your jewelry box/drawer is overflowing. Yesterday, I decided to seriously organize the pieces I love to wear so they are easy to find and grab! One piece that’s at the front of my mind, and jewelry box now, that I’ve been wearing with everything is a beautiful dainty gold Harlow necklace by Judith Poe. I wear it with silver, with gold, with high necks, with low necks, layered, and by itself.

Hapari Active

I think wether or not someone needs to work out is often misconstrued by their physical appearance. People tend to automatically judge healthiness based on looks. Well, it’s not true, and the worst thing we can do is judge ourselves that way. I tend to be on the thinner side, I have been my whole life. It would be destructive to sit down and say I don’t need to take care of myself by working out. We all need healthy hearts and happy muscles and all the benefits working out gives our bodies, including endurance. (side note: advocating working out does not directly correlate to finding enough time to work out… give a mom a break!)

Father’s Day


Ok, so I know Father’s day has come and gone, so this seems a little confusing and dated, but respecting the amazing dads (or moms) around us shouldn’t be restricted to one day. One of the highest predictors of a person’s happiness is how appreciated they feel. 

Fabulous Arizona

I was recently interviewed for Fabulous Arizona, and am s0 grateful for the opportunity to share more about myself. This isn’t just a blogger interview, but also a peek into my life.

Venessa Kaufman, the founder of We The Classy, is a supermom who truly embodies the meaning of beautiful inside and out. Originally from Northbrook, Illinois, Venessa is a model and now a fashion icon and influencer here in the Valley. Learn more about Venessa…

Lou Malnatis

My favorite food is pizza, hands down, every time, it’s always pizza. I am a self proclaimed pizza connoisseur. I was born and raised in the North suburbs of Chicago, Northbrook to be exact. Almost every week we had my FAVORITE pizza of all time, Lou Malnati’s. I always looked forward to pizza night, and my mom is a pretty amazing cook, so it’s not like I was deprived.

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