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    Mother Daughter

    I’m not one for matchy matchy mother daughter looks, but I do love when there’s a good color scheme going. I especially love when it happens without effort. Getting my entire family out the door fully dressed has become an olympic sport. Being dressed AND shoot ready with kids literally takes the powers of Cindarella’s fairy godmother. That further explains my barely done hair in these pics, but at least we were dressed and at least we had FUN. So, who cares about my hair?! Here’s some not-so-matchy-matchy, but well-coordinated and fun looks for Zara and I. All shopable from the links below 😉 Photography by Riss Rahm Photography

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    When most people think of luxury they think of big names like Prada, Louis Vuitton, Bentley, Chanel… I do too, but I also think luxury brands are so much more than those big power house names. I think luxury means carefully and well made. I think luxury means beautiful and rare textiles in lavish colors. Sometimes luxury is produced by smaller companies who have set an extremely high bar for creating products that are nothing short of perfection. Zvelle is one of these smaller companies, Zvelle is luxury.