When most people think of luxury they think of big names like Prada, Louis Vuitton, Bentley, Chanel… I do too, but I also think luxury brands are so much more than those big power house names. I think luxury means carefully and well made. I think luxury means beautiful and rare textiles in lavish colors. Sometimes luxury is produced by smaller companies who have set an extremely high bar for creating products that are nothing short of perfection. Zvelle is one of these smaller companies, Zvelle is luxury.

Palm Print

Who doesn’t love a great palm print? Actually, I don’t think there’s a palm print that isn’t great. I want to cover my body and my home in palm prints, good thing I live in a hot climate where palm trees are already decorating the out doors.

Black Cape

There is really no other LBD that accomplishes the same level of elegance as the black cape dress.  (<-Which you can purchase from this link)

Guest Post by Luxury Organizer Mika Perry of NEAT Method

A Peek Into Luxury Closets   


As a professional organizer specializing in luxury homes, I often have the privilege of my “office” for the day being the inside of a gorgeous closet. It doesn’t matter if your style is vintage bargain hunter or Barneys-devottee, we believe your closet should be a place for inspiration and a sanctuary for your wardrobe – and that is what we create for our clients. Just because you have a custom closet doesn’t mean your clothing will naturally organize themselves. And likewise, even if you have a tiny, awkwardly-shaped reach-in closet doesn’t mean it cannot be totally fabulous and Instagram-worthy!

Neutrals and Silver

A combo that I really lust after is Neutrals and Silver. I paired this sweet sheer flowy top with some of my most reflective accessories to give pop to otherwise very subdued colors. This turns out to be one of my most favorite combos, femininely fierce.

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