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    Keeping Warm in the Winter

    Just joking. This is not about keeping warm at all. It’s about this lovely Triangl bikini that screams “Australian beaches” and fits like a dream. I can’t get enough, and am forever grateful that I live in Arizona where it will be in the 70’s this week. Bring. It. On. Swimsuit by Triangle Swimwear from www.triangl.com

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    An evening affair

    Every year my husband’s company puts on the most amazing Christmas/Holiday party.  It’s not just the glamour and fun that takes it to #1. What’s really compelling is the company culture. They always speak about the people who are touched by their hard work, and really that’s what’s important.  More than once tears rolled down my cheeks from inspiring stories and kind words. I’m so grateful to have been part of the evening. Knowing it would be a big affair, I chased after the perfect ensemble. Unfortunately, the pictures are a bit blurry, it was dark and we were eager to start partying.

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    Show A Little Sparkle

    As the end of the year hits me like a tornado I am falling out of blogging routine. Forget keeping up with the Kardashians, I can barely keep up with my own life.  In an effort to catch up here is my favorite sparkly item of clothing for the holidays.  So versatile you could literally wear it from lunch with jeans, to a cocktail party, to a cover up in the bedroom… if you so desire.  I love it because it doesn’t require a lot of thought or planning. Bam, suddenly you look super chic.

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    Classy Brit

    I don’t need to say much here, the skirt speaks volumes on its own.  Plaid plays a part in every fashion era, it just shows up in different forms.  We are amidst plaid shirt domination for women and men, which I don’t hate, but what I love more is a full flirty plaid skirt flowing around my legs.  If someone could hand me my Burberry trench and point me in the direction of Harrod’s that would be cheeky.