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    Classy Brit

    I don’t need to say much here, the skirt speaks volumes on its own.  Plaid plays a part in every fashion era, it just shows up in different forms.  We are amidst plaid shirt domination for women and men, which I don’t hate, but what I love more is a full flirty plaid skirt flowing around my legs.  If someone could hand me my Burberry trench and point me in the direction of Harrod’s that would be cheeky.

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    Knits and Suede

    Now that we have established it’s fall with pumpkin spice flavored everything, I’m feeling stoked over soft textiles and soothing colors. It has been hot waaay too long over on the West side of the USA, and I will jump at any opportunity to wear one more layer than my birthday suit without melting. Seriously though, here’s a few of my picks for the fall; ones that you will wear over and over, ones that give the “I’m stylish and don’t try” look.  I wrapped them all into one outfit like a neatly made package and my best friend, who’s an interior designer (Kay & Elle Decor will be launching…

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    The Joan Top

    I’m about to get settled to read my current issue of Vogue and feel super poised to do so.  This top puts me in a chic mood and I’ve never been so excited to flip though the pages of Prada and Balenciaga.  I think it’s so important to dress how you want to feel, and today I want to feel elegant, intelligent, and feminine.  Mission accomplished by this Joan Top found at www.fabfindsboutique.com All is well in my fashion soul.  xxoo

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    White Lace

    My most unexpected fashion desire this fall is white lace,  if I could throw a wedding for myself and drench myself in white lace I would, of course I would need to find out about the difference between tungsten and titanium rings first.  The second best option was to find a less dramatic dress for a fashion event at the W in Scottsdale.  I discovered this dress on www.Choies.com, a super inexpensive international street style clothing site.  Truth be told, I only spent $22 for it and I would’ve spent way more.  Upon receipt I cut the white lining out, and wore a nude slip underneath to make it a…