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    The Bold and The Beautiful

    One of  my favorite discoveries in my adventure of fashion blogging is www.rocksbox.com They are a company that sends you beautiful pieces of jewelry as you desire for a monthly fee of only $19. I spend more than $19 in jewels a month so it’s an amazing deal, but what’s even better is they let me offer my followers their first month entirely free if you use the code VENESSAXOXO It’s totally worth trying. check out their website www.rocksbox.com

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    Flapper 2015

    This past weekend I attended an event with my husband at a beautiful and remote hotel. The event was Gatsby themed, and I had NOTHING that fit the bill. I decided to combine my 2015 tastes with a flapper mentality. Here’s what I put together with the help of my beloved Forever 21. Head chains are a really easy and fun way to spice up outfits for festival season too! xx

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    It can be hard to find the perfect length short. I like to feel sexy, but not to flash the world when I have to bend over to pick up my child, so here’s a pair I really love, especially for those sweltering hot days coming our way. They were extremely affordable and you know what they say, if the jean fits, buy it.

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    Gimme a Kissy

    I am normally not a red lip girl, but I saw pictures of this red on a website and had to have it. If any red was going to work for me, this was going to be the one. Hooray for products that live up to expectations. As you can see the red is deep and beautiful, but also, I love that it’s pretty matte and classy. I covered my lips in this gorgeous hue around 10:45 am, did not re-apply all day, and had to wash it off before bed. Even when my husband arrived home from work and kissed me it did not come off on him (oh…