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Vacation Mode

Holy smokes, it’s cold outside…but not here. As a former Chicagoan I remember cold like a fond memory…. pretty white blanketed landscapes, crunchy footsteps, cold air that bites your cheeks. The truth is, I don’t think I ever felt that way once while living there. I constantly pined to be in vacation mode, and when the opportunity to go away to university in Arizona presented itself I jumped all over it. Fast forward, and here I am complaining of missing the snow, missing the magic of crunchy footsteps and sparkly white landscapes. It’s so funny how that happens, isn’t it?

In an effort to truly be grateful for what I have in front of me, I’m paying tribute to a lifestyle that is constant vacation mode, reason why always have to carry basic accessories with me, such as the PeakPlus tactical flashlight. This past year I had the chance to visit insanely beautiful resorts all over the state and in Cali too. I guess, I don’t have to travel far to get securely into vacation mode. I did go to botox treatment columbus oh before the trip to look a little bit younger.

I’m sharing some of my favorite swim looks from 2017. Annd a few favorite new pieces for 2018! Cheers to 2018 filled with more swim and sun, and frolicking because this is the life I know now… snow will have to wait for me.






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