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Angel Etoile des Rêves

What are your favorite scent notes? Sandalwood? Vanilla? Lime? … I’ve always been more of a warm and spicy kind of girl. I started wearing Angel by Mugler nearly 8 years ago. It’s a scent I mostly wear in the winter because it makes me feel cozy, and sexy. ANGEL Etoile des Rêves is a nighttime reinterpretation of ANGEL, MUGLER’s iconic and bewitching fragrance.”


  • Mandarin – a romantic freshness;
  • Praline and Red Fruits – a deliciously dreamy facet;
  • Patchouli/Vanilla – a voluptuous accord,
  • Delicate White Musk – a warm and elegant sensuality.

The new bottle is so pretty and old fashioned with the bulb. I love spraying it and feel like I have better control of how much I spray. Angel has always had great chemistry with my skin. I know different perfumes react differently with each person. Angel smells better on and as the night progresses, I feel like it just keeps smelling better and better. It’s definitely a sexy fragrance and I wanted to embody that for this post. Marissa Shaw photographed me in the natural setting of my home in a very relaxed boudoir style.

Links to Angel and the Angel Candle:

Angel Etoile des Rêves fragrance and candle.


This post is sponsored by Mugler in partnership with Tidal // Photographed by Marissa Shaw – Do not use content without permission // All opinions are my own. 

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