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This post is sponsored by Hale Bob in partnership with Shoppinglinks/ All opinions are my own./Photography: Riss Rahm

There’s something that has been weighing on me lately – how we all progress in life and our innate desire to do, be, and have more clouds our vision of what is. I feel like life is a balance beam, on one side are goals we create, and on the other side are goals we have accomplished. Due to the crazy amount of social media that flows into our lives we have a tendency to see the goals we would like to accomplish more than what it took to get there. Our society is falling off the balance beam consistently to one side. The actual balance beam is contentment in where we are right now.

I recently headed to the beautiful Omni Montelucia in Paradise Valley. I packed in a day of beautiful looks from Hale Bob and ┬áresort galavanting. When I sat down to write this post about Hale Bob and their insanely gorgeous silk resort wear pieces, I was struck. Struck with the realization that it’s 110 degrees here, and I’m wishing for pumpkins and fall decor. It struck me how ungrateful we tend to be, and how that bleeds into our mentality, how that tips us off the balance beam…

So here I am making a very important promise to you and myself. I promise to pay equal attention to both sides of my balance beam so I can stay gratefully present and on top of life. I will embrace the 110 degree days knowing I have places like the Montelucia to find refuge. I will remember and respect the number of cloudy days I endured seasonal depression in the midwest. I will enjoy the memories of falling leaves, but know that where I am today is where I’m meant to be. It took change, growth, and work. Where I’ll be tomorrow is an opportunity only created because of the life we are living today. Today is a beautiful place to be.

Here’s a couple stunningly romantic looks from Hale Bob. The designs give me all sorts of wanderlust, and the materials are soft to my skin. They transfer perfectly from day to a night time soiree on the beach. I’m all sorts of in love with the shapes, colors, and materials.

The Stassie Silk Tunic

The Stassie was perfect for all temperatures as the day pushed on. It was a beautiful coverup by the pool that I threw on a skirt with later. I found it to be so romantic and versatile. One of my favorite attributes are the wide sleeves.

The Jelena Crochet Maxi Dress

Best described as sophisticated boho. It was so soft and comfortable, with a romantic flowiness.


Cheers to today, wherever you may be!





  • Michelle

    The very best advice always!! Look to where we want to go yet open our eyes to the blessings and opportunities all around us! I love these gorgeous looks mama!! So proud of you!

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