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Clarins Lip Oils

I’m not blessed with lush lips. Don’t get me wrong, my lips are good, they work, but I think both of my lips barely equal the volume of Kylie Kardashian’s upper lip. There are so many cool techniques out there to make your lips bigger. I’ve considered a few, but then the thought of sucking my lips off my face until they’re swollen scares me. What scares me more is what my lips will look like after doing that to my face for a few years, like… won’t they start to sag?? Just saying, we should all be little nicer to our faces, which brings me to Carins Lip Oils. This is a lip conditioning I can get on board with. No, you won’t look like you got punched the mouth, but I’m pretty impressed with the results. Clarnins Lip Oils actually help your lips instead of hurting them.


Photography by @rissrahmphotography

I was really careful not to alter the coloring in these pictures so you could see the true tone of the glosses I tried.

[h5]Mint Lip Oil[/h5]

I have been using religiously two different types of Clarins Lip Oils. The first one is the Mint. It looks turquoise, but it goes on clear. My favorite part is the minty taste and bite. There’s a TINY bite to it that makes my lips feel extra glossy and a little plumped up. I love the freshness! The texture is actually a gloss, they do not FEEL like oil. They feel like a thick luxurious gloss.

[h5]Honey Glam Lip Oil[/h5]

The other flavor I have been using is the Honey Glam, which I love equally, but for different reasons. The Honey Glam Lip Oil is full of flecks of gold. I’m not talking a few here and there, they actually are visible on your lips and its SOOO pretty. My daughter has become obsessed too, I don’t blame her!!

The other pro of these luxurious lip oils is the applicator! Clarins uses the words “lip hugging” and it does exactly that. It’s soft and cushy and applies so easily. My lips hug right back!!



Sponsored in partnership with Clarins USA and Tidal Labs / All opinions are my own.

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