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When I decided to bleach out the ends of my hair I signed up for major damage to my locks. As much as I love the  fun color, I’ve been struggling with texture. Ovation is an amazing company that focuses their products on hair health.

Cell Therapy Hair and Scalp Treatment

I had the pleasure of using their Cell Therapy Hair and Scalp Treatment. “The unique micro-technology of the complex proteins in Cell Therapy penetrate the hair cortex, building strand strength from within, without Parabens and Sulfates” I instantly felt and saw a difference in my strands. They went from a brittle straw like texture to fluid and soft. My hair flowed with the wind a little more.

Essential Hair Oil

I also tried Ovation’s Essential Hair Oil. Now, I have fine hair so any oil makes it look dirty and a bit lifeless, but just a small amount of their oil on my towel dried hair did wonders to it’s health. It’s a “Silicone-free formula contains anti-oxidants and natural fatty acids derived from Avocado and Argan Oil providing optimum nutrition to hair while naturally moisturizing. Passionfruit Seed Oil, rich in Vitamin C, conditions dry strands and provides hair with a natural sheen.”

I’m so happy my ends have stopped breaking off because I’m hoping to grow some length by the winter, I have been adding some features to the house to help our family out this upcoming winter, my husband and I have decided to add some Underfloor Heating Manifolds to the kids rooms, since we have notice that having the regular heat on is not enough!!

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